Grace, Mercy, and Peace

Grace, Mercy, and Peace

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Anfechtung and Absolution Part 2


While traveling in Southern Africa, I was once invited to address a Pastors’ Bible College. I had known its Principal for many years and was invited to teach the students for the 3-hour morning session. The students were Pastors, serving churches in the bush. They were used to living with witch doctors and curses,...

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Anfechtung and Absolution Part 1


Judas, the worst merchant Asked to Kiss the Lord. And He, like an innocent lamb, Did not reject the kiss of Judas. For a number of coins he delivered Christ to the Jews. It would have been better for him, had he never been born. For a number of coins he delivered Christ to the Jews....

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Temptation to Be Like God


We all know the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve. They were given a wonderful place in the Garden of Eden. They knew God and walked with Him in the cool of the day. The Lord God supplied them with everything that they needed for life, health and joy. But, they were tempted....

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The weekend had been a busy one: a plane ride to a distant city on Friday, an all-day Conference and several important conversations with Pastors on Saturday, Worship Service and more conversations on Sunday. I had been driven back to the airport and was waiting for my flight home....

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No Confession and No Communion


Many contemporary Christian worship services have no Confession of Sins and no Service of Holy Communion? Why? Obviously, someone has decided that these things are less important than other things. What are the other things that are so important that they take the place of confessing sins and receiving God’s forgiveness?...

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It's an Epidemic!


That is what my friends said as they looked for a church in their neighborhood. “It’s an epidemic! Poor theology, false theology, no theology: It is everywhere!” I asked my friends to explain what they were seeing. They said that at least three messages seemed to be in churches all around them:...

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The American Association of Lutheran Churches

Let’s Walk Together