JOINT COUNCIL

            Executive Committee

            Presiding Pastor: Rev. Dr. Curtis Leins
            Ass't. Presiding Pastor: Rev. Roger Twito
            Secretary to The AALC: Rev. Irvin Stapf
            Treasurer to The AALC: Dr. Dan Kruger
            National Home Mission Developer:
            Administrative Ass't to The AALC: Rev. Joe Dapelo, pro-tem
            ALTS President (Advisory): Rev. Richard Shields

            Association Council

            Eastern Region: Rev. Dennis Cook, Mr. Mark Wachtman
            Greater Heartland Region: Rev. Clyde Awtrey, Mrs. Elinor Halvorson
            West Great Lakes Region: Rev. Michael Main, Mr. John Malchow
            North Plains Region: Rev. Robert Dennis, Mr. Duane Dokken
            Western Region: Mr. John Monday
            Treasurer to The AALC (Advisory): Dr. Dan Kruger
            Administrative Ass't to The AALC: Rev. Joe Dapelo, pro-tem
            National Home Mission Developer (Advisory):
            Secretary to The AALC (Sec'y to Assoc. Council and Jt. Council): Rev. Irvin Stapf


Eastern Region: Bonnie Eggers, Secretary
Greater Heartland Reg.: Brigitte Gassman, Chair
West Great Lakes Region: Rev. Larry Juergensen
North Plains Region: Rev. Dan Dapelo
Western Region Region: Mrs. Pam Barron Burns
Advisor: Rev. Dr. Craig Henningfield

HIGHER EDUCATION – Guide and oversee American Lutheran Theological Seminary in it's training of pastors prior to certification for call to member congregations.