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Wittenberg Door Campus Ministry
University of Missouri-Columbia Campus

To establish an endowment fund for your ministry, contact Lutheran Legacy Foundation. LLF will help you with the legal, tax and financial details making it easier for you to promote future growth.

  The Sending Place Lutheran Bible Translators
Pirate Christian Radio. No fads; just Gospel & sound doctrine. Click Flash logo to connect; click again for a live stream.
Lutherans for Life Concordia Publishing

Congregation Resources

2015 Annual Congregation Statistical Report Form (Interactive using Adobe Acrobat Reader)*

•  Index of Congregations that publish podcasts of sermons or worship services 

•  To read an open letter from The AALC's Executive Committee to all members of The AALC, Click here.

•  Budget & Benevolence Transmittal Form (Interactive)*

•  Click here for an Interactive Individual Gift Transmission Form.

* Click on, and complete applicable fields. Then, print the number of copies you want before closing the report form. A completed document can only be saved on your computer if it has the capability to print, or save, in ".pdf" format.

Compensation Guide for 2008
    (newest guide available)

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   • Pastoral Call Documents

Call Committee Guidelines
Congregation Profile Info
Profile of Pastor Sought

Letter of Call Template (Interactive pdf)

Caring For Those Who Care For You


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